Waterfalls on the Skoga River

Skogar / Southern Ring Road, South Region (Suðurland), Iceland

About Waterfalls on the Skoga River

Hiking Distance: 16-18km round trip
Suggested Time: 8 hours

Date first visited: 2007-07-07
Date last visited: 2007-07-07

Waterfall Latitude: 63.57687
Waterfall Longitude: -19.49961

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The waterfalls on the Skoga River (spelled Skógá in Icelandic) are so numerous that it was almost overwhelming to me.

Just to give you an idea of how waterfall saturated I was on this one hike alone, I counted about 26 waterfalls, 23 of them were on the river itself, and this was not counting Skógafoss.

Skoga_River_465_07072007 - One of the greater waterfalls in the plethora of waterfalls on the Skoga River
One of the greater waterfalls in the plethora of waterfalls on the Skoga River

The stretch of river that I witnessed started from the top of Skógafoss and ended at the bridge near the sign you see at the top of this page.

In case the graphic is not immediately clear, it says, “Many beautiful waterfalls in the river” and it further indicates that it’s an 8km walk in each direction.

Of the 26 waterfalls that I counted, at least three had to have been over 30m tall plus many more that were close to that size.

This series of waterfalls also featured several varieties of shapes and sizes from the wide river types to the tall plunging ones.

To my knowledge, none of these waterfalls were officially named (not counting Skógafoss at the very bottom).

Skoga_River_476_07072007 - Sign at my turnaround point of the hike pretty much stating the obvious - that there are many beautiful waterfalls in the Skoga River
Sign at my turnaround point of the hike pretty much stating the obvious – that there are many beautiful waterfalls in the Skoga River

So add it all up, and I’d argue that if you were looking for waterfall saturation, this trail would certainly do the trick.

The Epic Waterfall Hike

It took me about 8 hours to do the out-and-back hike (starting and ending at Skogafoss and not counting the additional 25 minutes each way I was walking to and from the Hotel Edda nearby where we were staying).

This long trail seemed to be part of a much longer backcountry trail that hardier hikers and backpackers with more time on their hands would do.

Beyond the last waterfall, it appeared the trail continued onto the mountain hut at Fimmvörðuháls.

The trail even continued beyond that towards Þórsmörk and even Landmannalaugur.

Skoga_River_197_07072007 - One of the grand waterfalls on the Skoga River that I felt was easily over 30m tall
One of the grand waterfalls on the Skoga River that I felt was easily over 30m tall

Generally, this trail was all uphill since I was going against the direction of flow of the river.

Thus, the return hike went by much quicker since it was all downhill.

I do have to caution that there were no guardrails or other kind of infrastructure preventing me from getting too close to the unstable cliff edges.

That would be something to consider when you’re trying to improve your viewing angle for some of the falls to be found here.

Below, I’ve displayed photographs in the photo journal section of this page.

Skoga_River_442_07072007 - Another one of the grand waterfalls that was easily over 30m tall on the Skoga River
Another one of the grand waterfalls that was easily over 30m tall on the Skoga River

I figured that they’ll do a more-than-adequate job of giving you a sense of what it’s like on the trail more so than all the words I’m throwing at you.

If some of the photos have inaccurate or no captions, that was because I lost track of which waterfall was which.

In any case, see if this page alone might induce waterfall fatigue 🙂


The Waterfalls on the Skoga River reside in the South Region of Iceland. The area is administered by the municipality of Rangárþing eystra. For information or inquiries about the general area as well as current conditions, you may want to try visiting their website.

Skogafoss_007_jx_07072007 - The adventure began by going up to the top of Skogafoss
Skoga_River_008_07062007 - Looking over the brink of Skogafoss back down towards the basin where most of the people would linger to get close to Skogafoss
Skoga_River_012_07062007 - Looking downstream towards the campground and car park area fronting Skogafoss
Skoga_River_022_07062007 - This waterfall was just upstream from Skógafoss
Skoga_River_036_07062007 - Here's a more angled look at what I called Foss #1
Skoga_River_037_07062007 - A trio of horned sheep sharing the trail with me
Skoga_River_048_07072007 - It wasn't long before I reached the twisting Foss #2
Skoga_River_058_07072007 - Looking downstream over Foss #2
Skoga_River_074_07072007 - Here's a distant view of Foss #3
Skoga_River_079_07072007 - Here's a much closer look at Foss #3
Skoga_River_100_07072007 - Approaching Foss #4
Skoga_River_121_07072007 - Closer look at Foss #4 revealing a smaller second tier right above it as well as some sheep grazing near its brink for scale
Skoga_River_115_07072007 - Even more zoomed in on Foss #4 better showing the lone sheep grazing on the cliff between the waterfalls
Skoga_River_133_07072007 - Attractive profile view of Foss #4 revealing the gorge and attractive highland scenery downstream
Skoga_River_145_07072007 - This was what I believe to be Foss #5
Skoga_River_153_07072007 - Here's another look at Foss #5
Skoga_River_166_07072007 - Here's what I believe to be the attractively wide Foss #6
Skoga_River_158_07072007 - Context of the attractively wide Foss #6
Skoga_River_168_07072007 - This is what I think is Foss #7.  It was the first of the larger waterfalls I encountered on the hike
Skoga_River_175_07072007 - Getting a little closer to the Foss #7
Skoga_River_182_07072007 - There was a spur trail to Foss #7 that afforded me this partial view on the way to getting even closer to the falls
Skoga_River_194_07072007 - The spur trail to Foss #7 eventually got me this misty view of it
Skoga_River_202_07072007 - My first look at what I think was Foss #8
Skoga_River_210_07072007 - Another look at what I think is Foss #8
Skoga_River_218_07072007 - All focused in on Foss #8 and its textured drops easily seen when shot in long exposure
Skoga_River_222_07072007 - Up until this point, I was alone on the hike given my early start.  This was the first person who caught up to me, and it was at Foss #8
Skoga_River_232_07072007 - Looking down over the brink of what I believed to be Foss #8
Skoga_River_235_07072007 - Looking back over a rock cairn and towards the landscape that I had just hiked up to this point
Skoga_River_239_07072007 - This hard-to-see waterfall I believe was Foss #9
Skoga_River_246_07072007 - This attractive but light-flowing waterfall was on a tributary of the Skoga River and I dubbed it Foss #10
Skoga_River_246_07072007 - Another look towards what I believe to be Foss #10 revealing more of the Skoga River down below it
Skoga_River_249_07072007 - Looking deep into the gorge carved out by the Skoga River somewhere upstream from Foss #10 and downstream of what I thought was Foss #11
Skoga_River_255_07072007 - This was what I believe to be Foss #11, which was way down in the gorge
Skoga_River_274_07072007 - All focused in on what I thought was Foss #11
Skoga_River_278_07072007 - Another contextual look at Foss #11
Skoga_River_282_07072007 - Looking down at what I think was Foss #12
Skoga_River_283_07072007 - Here's a contextual view of what I believe is Foss #12
Skoga_River_303_07072007 - Looking down at Foss #12 as I was about to continue past it
Skoga_River_305_07072007 - Looking downstream into the gorge somewhere past or around Foss #12
Skoga_River_308_07072007 - Looking back towards the way I had come, and I noticed there were more hikers about to catch up to me
Skoga_River_313_07072007 - This hard-to-see and distant waterfall was what I thought to be Foss #13
Skoga_River_316_07072007 - Looking downstream near Foss #14 (I think) at some folks in the distance who got right up to the edge of the cliff for a view
Skoga_River_323_07072007 - My notes said this was Foss #16 though it appears I might have skipped Foss #15 or didn't photograph it for some reason
Skoga_River_330_07072007 - Zoomed in look on the side waterfall that I labeled as Foss #16
Skoga_River_335_07072007 - This was what I believe to be Foss #17.  I couldn't get close enough to see its bottom.  Behind it appeared to be the mountain Hornefellsnippa
Skoga_River_346_07072007 - Context of me looking down at Foss #17 without getting too close to the edge
Skoga_River_347_07072007 - Profile view as Foss #17 made the Skoga River drop into a narrow gorge below
Skoga_River_357_07072007 - An even more severely profiled view of Foss #17
Skoga_River_361_07072007 - The young group of hikers that caught up to me decided to chill out in front of this waterfall, which I called Foss #18
Skoga_River_365_07072007 - Context of what I think was Foss #18 and a knobby mountain in the background
Skoga_River_367_07072007 - Looking down at what I believed to be Foss #19
Skoga_River_381_07072007 - Looking across what my notes say is Foss #20
Skoga_River_387_07072007 - Distant view upstream towards what I believe to be Foss #21
Skoga_River_391_07072007 - Here's a closer view of Foss #21
Skoga_River_404_07072007 - Looking down at what my notes say is Foss #22
Skoga_River_400_07072007 - Another look at Foss #22 in a more portrait context
Skoga_River_409_07072007 - Here's the dimunitive Foss #24 as apparently Foss #23 was not photographable
Skoga_River_415_07072007 - Closer look at Foss #24
Skoga_River_422_07072007 - This was Foss #25, and there was a small peek-a-boo arch above the falls
Skoga_River_417_07072007 - Looking more contextually at Foss #25
Skoga_River_450_07072007 - This was the beautiful Foss #26 and might be the best one of the lot upstream of Skogafoss
Skoga_River_459_07072007 - Fast exposure shot exhibiting the power of Foss #26
Skoga_River_470_07072007 - More angled look back at Foss #26 as I was about to continue past it
Skoga_River_472_07072007 - This small waterfall just downstream from the bridge over a branch of the Skoga River could be called Foss #27
Skoga_River_475_07072007 - Here was the sign that essentially marked my turnaround point (at least mentally). I did explore a little bit further upstream before I decided to mail it in and return to Skogar
Skoga_River_478_07072007 - By the sign, I looked upstream and noticed this glacier that appeared to be pretty close.  Perhaps in hindsight, I should've kept going to at least see this guy up close
Skoga_River_479_07072007 - I believe this sign was technically as far as I went
Skoga_River_486_07072007 - And finally, here was the bridge that I didn't go past
Skoga_River_484_07072007 - Looking in one direction over the Skoga River from the footbridge
Skoga_River_485_07072007 - Looking in the other direction over the Skoga River from the footbridge
Skogafoss_016_jx_07072007 - Looking down at the steps alongside the drop of Skogafoss as I was about to conclude this epic waterfall hike


Although it’s possible to hike from north to south, I did this hike going from south to north.

Therefore, the trailhead is the same as that of Skógafoss by the hamlet of Skogar.

Skogar_014_jx_07072007 - The trail to the waterfalls on the Skoga River started from the same car park as that of Skogafoss
The trail to the waterfalls on the Skoga River started from the same car park as that of Skogafoss

See that waterfall page for specific driving directions.

For additional context, Skogar was 149km (2 hours drive) east of Reykjavík and 102km (over an hour drive) west of Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

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