Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, and "Skogagrovafossen"

Romsdal, More og Romsdal County, Norway

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About Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, and “Skogagrovafossen”

Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2005-07-02
Date last visited: 2005-07-02

Waterfall Latitude: 62.39976
Waterfall Longitude: 8.00045

After our viewing of Vermafossen, our next waterfall stop was actually a trio of waterfalls in close proximity to each other.

Each of the waterfalls in this trio were tall and impressive.


Two of the three waterfalls actually had official names, even though none of them were on the Rauma River.

So it was certainly worth the roadside stop to experience this three-for-one waterfalling experience.


The first waterfall of this trio was the light-flowing “Skogagrovafossen”.

I came up with this unofficial name because I believe it was on the stream Skogagrova though I’m not sure.

Julie and I only noticed it when we got out of the car to check out Dontefossen (the next waterfall).

“Skogagrovafossen” wasn’t the reason why we stopped. In any case, we saw this waterfall in profile from a distance to the south of us.


We could have walked closer for a more direct look, but we didn’t.


Dontefossen (Døntefossen; “DUEWN-tuh-foss-un”), which was one of the seemingly few officially-named waterfalls in Romsdalen, was right across the highway from where we parked the rental car.

This waterfall tumbled on the river Døntelva from high atop the west wall of Romsdalen Valley sourced by a series of tarns and lakes collectively at Døntebotnen.

It was said to have a cumulative drop of over 600m.

Julie and I were easily able to see this waterfall right from the road, but since we were looking way up, we were probably in no position to make the judgment about whether it really was that tall or not.

In any case, the falls was conspicuous enough that we were able to stop for it even though I didn’t recall there being any signs indicating where we should stop the car and admire.

Gravdefossen and others


Once we had our fill of Døntefossen, we then crossed the highway, and walked about 500m up the road (north) towards the next waterfall in the trio officially called Gravdefossen.

From what we could tell, this attractive west-facing waterfall on Styggefonngrova coming off Romsdalen’s east wall had more of a sloping characteristic before making a final plunge to the base of the valley.

Just upstream of the falls, there appeared to be another light-flowing plunge of the falls called Brudesløret.

There were also lots of flowers and dandelions in bloom right in front of the falls along railroad tracks (which I’d imagine to be for Raumabanen), which added some color and variety to the scene, especially since we visited on a very overcast day where rain was threatening.

There were more waterfalls immediately north of Gravdefossen, but I can’t tell for sure which streams they belonged to from looking at Norgeskart and correlating that information with the time stamps on our photos.

All I know was that I’m sure you’re probably bound to see them after checking out the waterfall trio of Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, and “Skogagrovafossen”.


The waterfalls on this page reside in the Rauma Municipality. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website or Facebook page.


From Vermafossen, we drove a little over 6km to reach the pullout or shoulder on our right just across the E136 from Dontefossen. This was about a little over 9km northwest of the turnoff for the well-signed Slettafossen.

Going in the other direction, the pullout we used for Døntefossen was about 29km southeast of the town of Åndalsnes along the E136.

For context, Åndalsnes was 303km (over 4 hours drive) southwest of Trondheim, 442km (over 5.5 hours drive) northwest of Oslo, and 508km (8 hours drive) northeast of Bergen.

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