Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, Brurasloret, and "Skogagrovafossen"

Romsdal, More og Romsdal County, Norway

About Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, Brurasloret, and “Skogagrovafossen”

Hiking Distance: roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2005-07-02
Date last visited: 2019-07-17

Waterfall Latitude: 62.39976
Waterfall Longitude: 8.00045

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Donetfossen (or Døntefossen), Skogagrovafossen, Brurasloret (Brurasløret), and Gravdefossen were a waterfall foursome in close proximity to each other within the Romsdal Valley (Romsdalen).

While it wasn’t easy to single out or discern which waterfalls within Romsdal Valley were worth stopping for (you get waterfall-saturated pretty fast), it was this waterfall concentration in the heart of the valley that made us take notice.

Dontefossen_004_jx_07022005 - Døntefossen as seen in early July 2005
Døntefossen as seen in early July 2005

That said, we found each of the waterfalls in this foursome to be tall and impressive.

Actually, three of the four waterfalls had official names even though none of them were on the Rauma River, which was the main river running through Romsdalen.

According to Norgeskart, Døntefossen, Brurasløret, and Gravdefossen had official names, but “Skogagrovafossen” was a name I made up since it was on the Skogagrova Stream.

There was also a little bit of confusion around Brurasløret because there appeared to be two waterfalls of this name in adjacent drainages according to Norgeskart (with one of them on the same stream as Gravdefossen and another on Styggefonngrova).


Skogagrovafossen was the first waterfall of this foursome (heading north on the E136).

Even though “Skogagrovafossen” wasn’t the reason why we stopped, we did see it from an angle so it certainly seemed photo-friendly.

Romsdalen_006_07022005 - Skogagrovafossen as seen in early July 2005
Skogagrovafossen as seen in early July 2005

In any case, we saw this waterfall in profile from a distance to the south of us as we had devoted most of our attention to the next waterfall in this foursome – Døntefossen.

We could have walked closer to the Skogagrovafossen for a more direct look, but we didn’t since it was already visible from Døntefossen.


Dontefossen (Døntefossen; “DUEWN-tuh-foss-un”), which was one of the seemingly few officially-named waterfalls in Romsdalen, was right across the highway from where we stopped the rental car (see directions below).

This waterfall tumbled on the river Døntelva from high atop the west wall of Romsdalen Valley.

It was sourced by a series of tarns and lakes collectively at Døntebotnen so it appeared to have a bit of permanence to its flow.

Døntefossen was said to have a cumulative drop of over 600m, which would make it one of the tallest in Norway.

Romsdalen_216_07162019 - Døntefossen as seen in lower flow in mid-July 2019
Døntefossen as seen in lower flow in mid-July 2019

Julie and I were easily able to see this waterfall right from the E136 road.

In fact, this was the waterfall that compelled us to find the nearest pullout so we could better experience it as well as the surrounding waterfalls.

Anyways, with the forced perspective of staring straight up towards the top of Døntefossen, we found it difficult to make the judgment as to the legitimacy of the height claims.

Nonetheless, we had no trouble simply appreciating the falls for what it was and not get too hung up on the encyclopedic trivia.

Finally, even though we did manage to find a pullout to stop the car and get out of the way of traffic to appreciate Døntefossen, there was no signage indicating its presence (on neither of our visits in 2005 and 2019).

So that tends to make me think that this waterfall could easily be overlooked whether by design or not.

Gravdefossen and Brurasløret

Romsdalen_028_jx_07022005 - Gravdefossen and I think the thin plunge of Brurasløret behind it
Gravdefossen and I think the thin plunge of Brurasløret behind it

Once we had our fill of Døntefossen, we then went back across the highway and walked about 500m up the road (north) towards the next waterfall in the trio officially called Gravdefossen.

From what we could tell, this attractive west-facing waterfall on Styggefonngrova coming off Romsdalen’s east wall had more of a sloping characteristic before making a final plunge to the base of the valley.

Just upstream of the falls, there appeared to be another light-flowing plunge of the falls called Brudesløret.

In a separate stream also called Styggefonngrova, we witnessed a parallel lighter flowing waterfall, which Norgeskart identified as Brurasløret (I think it might mean “bridal veil”)

There were also lots of flowers and dandelions in bloom right in front of the falls along railroad tracks (which I’d imagine to be for Raumabanen).

Romsdalen_218_07162019 - Context of Gravdefossen with another waterfall on Styggefonna Stream as well as other ephemeral waterfalls in the immediate area as I was facing north along the E136 in July 2019
Context of Gravdefossen with another waterfall on Styggefonna Stream as well as other ephemeral waterfalls in the immediate area as I was facing north along the E136 in July 2019

These blooms added some color and variety to the scene, especially since we visited on a very overcast day where rain was threatening.

There were more waterfalls immediately north of Gravdefossen, but I can’t tell for sure which streams they belonged to from looking at Norgeskart and correlating that information with the time stamps on our photos.

All I know was that I’m sure you’re probably bound to see them after checking out the waterfall foursome of Dontefossen, Gravdefossen, Brurasløret, and “Skogagrovafossen”.


The waterfalls on this page reside in the Rauma Municipality near Åndalsnes in Møre og Romsdal County, Norway. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website or Facebook page.

Romsdalen_087_07162019 - I actually started to see Gravdefossen and adjacent waterfalls looking southwards as I was driving south of Marstein on my second visit to Romsdalen in July 2019
Romsdalen_091_07162019 - Approaching the pair of waterfalls that I think might be related to Gravdefossen and Brurasløret as I was driving south of E136
Romsdalen_092_07162019 - Passing by what I think was Gravdefossen as I was driving south on the E136 through Romsdal Valley
Romsdalen_097_07162019 - Passing by what I think was Skogagrovafossen as I was continuing to drive south on the E136 through Romsdalen
Romsdalen_210_07162019 - Looking up at a lighter-flowing Døntefossen as seen in mid-July 2019, which was considerably lower flowing than how we saw it in early July 2005
Romsdalen_222_07162019 - Looking northwards towards Gravdefossen and some neighboring thin ephemeral waterfalls along the E136 just north of the Døntefossen pullout
Romsdalen_005_07022005 - Julie checking out the waterfall that I'm informally calling Skogagrovafossen back in early July 2005. This photo and the rest of the photos in this gallery took place on that day
Dontefossen_002_07022005 - Looking across the Rauma River towards Døntefossen in high flow in early July 2005
Romsdalen_026_jx_07022005 - After checking out Døntefossen, we looked across the E136 towards these waterfalls (one of which was Gravdefossen) so we pursued them in 2005
Romsdalen_027_jx_07022005 - Looking straight up through the power lines at some other waterfall between Døntefossen and Gravdefossen in 2005
Gravdefossen_001_07022005 - Finally starting to get a clean look at Gravdefossen and the numerous flowers blooming before it from our first visit in early July 2005
Romsdalen_033_jx_07022005 - Right after leaving Gravdefossen, this was the view of Romsdalen as the E136 was making a turn west

Like with Vermafossen, the pullout that allowed us to experience the four waterfalls in this write-up was also unmarked and easy-to-miss.

More specifically, from the Fv64 and E136 junction at the south end of Åndalsnes, the unmarked pullout right across from Døntefossen was about 28.9km south on the E136 on the left.

We had to be careful with this pullout because there was a deep ledge between the edge of the pavement and the dirt where I was able to stay out of the way of the fast-moving traffic on the E136.

Romsdalen_212_07162019 - Looking back at Skogagrovafossen from the pullout, but notice the rather deep drop between the E136 asphalt and the dirt pullout to the left of it!  Some low-clearance cars will likely scrape the underside there
Looking back at Skogagrovafossen from the pullout, but notice the rather deep drop between the E136 asphalt and the dirt pullout to the left of it! Some low-clearance cars will likely scrape the underside there

From the roundabout containing the E6 and E136 junction in Dombås, that unmarked pullout was about 75.1km north on the E136 on the left.

There was also another pullout further to the north closer to Gravdefossen and Brurasløret.

This was about 27.7km south of Åndalsnes and 76.3km north of Dombås. Or, it could also be thought of as being about 1.2km north of the pullout right across from Døntefossen.

For context, Åndalsnes was 128km (under 2 hours drive) west of Sunndalsøra, about 54km (over an hour drive) northeast of Valldalen, 87km (over 2 hours drive with a ferry crossing) northeast of Geiranger, 105km (under 90 minutes drive) northwest of Dombås, 108km (90 minutes drive) east of Ålesund, 303km (over 4 hours drive) southwest of Trondheim, 442km (over 5.5 hours drive) northwest of Oslo, and 508km (8 hours drive) northeast of Bergen.

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Semi-circular sweep covering Dontefossen and a couple of the surrounding waterfalls

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