Setesdal Valley, Aust-Agder County, Norway

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Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2005-06-22
Date last visited: 2019-07-24

Waterfall Latitude: 59.22389
Waterfall Longitude: 7.49404

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Kallefossen was a conspicuous waterfall presence in the Setesdal Valley’s north-central section near the small town of Valle.

Each time we’ve seen this waterfall do its thing, it sloped and tumbled steeply on the western wall of the valley so we easily saw it while driving the Rv9, which was the main throughfare.

Setesdal_009_06192019 - Kallefossen seen from the Rv9 in Setesdalen on a rainy day in late June 2019
Kallefossen seen from the Rv9 in Setesdalen on a rainy day in late June 2019

For all intents and purposes, this was a roadside waterfall, and we took advantage of a handful of bus stops and pullouts to get a look at it.

We also took a side road towards the Kallefoss Camping, where we managed to get frontal views up at the sloping falls.

As far as its waterflow, it seemed to be on the light side.

We saw for ourselves how much its flow diminished from late June through to late July when we happened to pass by this area towards the end of our 2019 Scandinavian trip.

Rv9_031_07242019 - Kallefossen under even lower flow one month later when we passed through the Setesdal Valley again in late July 2019
Kallefossen under even lower flow one month later when we passed through the Setesdal Valley again in late July 2019

So that kind of made me consider this as one of the lesser waterfalls even though it had an official name to it.

Setesdal Valley and the Valle Municipality

It was said that Setesdal Valley developed in isolation from the rest of the country because a modern highway wasn’t built to connect it with the modern world until the 1950s.

Thus, the valley was said to be one of the most authentically Norwegian areas in the country.

Since we were merely waterfalling in the valley and didn’t really extend our stay in the region, we can’t say that we really experienced that authenticity ourselves.

Rv_9_001_jx_06222005 - Julie pointed her camera to the opposite side of Setesdal Valley from Kallefossen as she saw this tall waterfall though I wasn't sure which waterfall it was
Julie pointed her camera to the opposite side of Setesdal Valley from Kallefossen as she saw this tall waterfall though I wasn’t sure which waterfall it was

That said, on our second visit in Setesdalen, we did spend a couple nights at a camping area and did mingle with fellow Norwegian holiday makers both enjoying the scenery as well as enjoying the lakes when the sun came out.

In any case, the establishment of the Rv9 highway brought Setesdalen out of isolation.

This road connected with the town of Haukeli in the Hardangervidda Plateau at its junction with the E134 to the north.

And the road stretched all the way to the southern coast at Kristiansand in the far south.

Setesdal_134_06192019 - Beautiful scenery in Setesdal Valley made the Rv9 a delight to drive through
Beautiful scenery in Setesdal Valley made the Rv9 a delight to drive through

As for the scenery of the valley itself, when the weather cooperated, the valley was flanked by giant monoliths and domes reminiscent of a wider version of Yosemite.

Such landscapes made the Setesdalen Valley a delight to drive.


Kallefossen resides in the Valle Municipality near Rysstad in Agder County (formerly Augst-Agder), Norway. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website.

Setesdal_011_06192019 - While driving south on the Rv9 during our June 2019 visit, we noticed this cascade way in the distance on the east-facing wall of Setesdalen somewhere near Kallesfossen
Setesdal_013_06192019 - Focused on Kallefossen in the misty rain while driving south on the Rv9 in Setesdalen during our June 2019 visit
Setesdal_016_06192019 - The familiar view of Kallefossen from a pullout by a bridge along the Rv9 under some mistier weather in June 2019
Setesdal_017_06192019 - Frontal look up at Kallefossen from the short detour off the Rv9 near the Kallefoss Camping in Setesdalen as seen during our June 2019 visit
Setesdal_020_06192019 - Looking back towards Kallefossen as well as a thinner companion waterfall to its left from the short detour road accessing Kallefoss Camping on our June 2019 visit
Rv_45_004_jx_06222005 - Sharing the Rv45 with sheep as we were driving between Rjukan and Setesdal
Rv_45_002_jx_06222005 - Some waterfall we saw as we were driving between Rjukan and Setesdal
Kallefossen_001_jx_06222005 - NO CAPTION
Kallefossen_005_jx_06222005 - View of Kallefossen from the Hwy 9 and Rv45 junction under nice weather back in June 2005
Kallefossen_001_06222005 - A more direct view of Kallefossen as we took a side road to try to get a closer look back in June 2005
Kallefossen_002_06222005 - Another look up at the Kallefossen Waterfall from the Rv9 through Setesdal Valley during our June 2005 visit

Julie and I drove from the town of Rjukan southwest along the Fv37 then to the Fv45 to eventually join up with the Highway 9 in Setesdal Valley.

Hwy [Riksvei] 9, by the way, was the very road running through Setesdal Valley that brought the valley out of isolation in the 1950s.

This drive was about 138km. We spotted Kallefossen right at the Hwy 9 junction.

Note that the side road we explored left the south side of the Hwy 9 about 4.4km north of Valle or 2.4km south of the Rv45/Hwy 9 junction.

We managed to get a more frontal view of the falls somewhere near the Kallefoss Camping.

Coming from Kristiansand, Kallefossen was 159km north along the Hwy 9 through Setesdal Valley.

The falls was roughly 20km north of the town of Rysstad.

For some additional context, Rysstad was 97km (about 1.5 hours drive) south of Haukeli, 141km (under 2 hours drive) north of Kristiansand, 159km (over 2.5 hours drive) southwest of Rjukan, 159km (over 2.5 hours drive) east of Stavanger, and 300km (under 5 hours drive) west of Oslo.

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Right to left sweep starting with a tall ephemeral falls before panning over to Kallefossen and a companion waterfall

Sweep of an attractive waterfall and tall cliffs near the southern end of Rysstad

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