Granvin, Hordaland County, Norway

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Hiking Distance: roadside
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Date first visited: 2005-06-26
Date last visited: 2005-06-26

Waterfall Latitude: 60.58713
Waterfall Longitude: 6.63762

Skjervsfossen (I think is pronounced “SHERVS-foss-un”) was a large waterfall of about 150m in cumulative drop over its two main sections.

The upper tier was a steep twin drop said to be about 70m tall.

The lower tier was a thick sloping cascade comprising the remaining 80m drop below the road cutting across the two main sections.

Looking down at the entirety of Skjervsfossen

For all intents and purposes, this was a roadside waterfall though getting the view you see in the picture above was a little bit tricky.

Experiencing Half of Skjervsfossen

Since we were headed west on the Rv13 after having seen Skarvefossen, we first noticed the falls’ upper drop as we approached a bridge going over Storelvi (meaning Big Rivers?).

Storelvi was the watercourse responsible for the falls.

From the bridge there was a short walking path leading somewhat closer to the upper drop of the falls.

However, there was enough spray and mist that we didn’t feel that compelled to get much further from the road bridge.

Apparently, there was a trail leading to the top of the upper falls where there was also said to be a picnic table as well as some views, but we didn’t do that so we can’t comment more about it.

The upper half of Skjervsfossen

Completing the Skjervsfossen Experience

After having our fill of this viewpoint, we had known from our pre-trip research that there was much more to this waterfall than this upper drop seen from the road bridge.

So when we continued driving onto the switchbacks further west (labeled “Skjervet” on the maps), we managed to find an obscure pullout at a very tight yet wide hairpin turn on the Rv13.

It was only after we had found this place to park the car did we get out and take the photo you see at the top of this page.

It was completely unsigned and unofficial, but we argue that the view of the falls was by far best experienced from here.

To our knowledge, these two roadside stops gave us the best bang for minimal exertion.

They were perhaps the best ways to experience the falls.

That said, perhaps on a return trip, we might look more closely for other ways to experience the falls, including that hike to the top of the falls that we didn’t do during our June 2005 visit here.


Skjervsfossen resides in the Granvin Municipality. For information or inquiries about the area as well as current conditions, visit their website.


The bridge before the upper drop of Skjervsfossen was about 10.5km along the Rv13 northwest of the Rv7/Rv13 junction in the town of Granvin (or about 7km north of the Rv572/Rv13 intersection). There were pullouts next to the road bridge so experiencing the falls this way was pretty straightforward. This bridge was also about 15km east of the E16/Rv13 junction in the city of Voss.

For that comprehensive view you see at the top of this page, we had to continue west along the Rv13 for about 500m past the bridge along the Rv13. There was an awkward pullout at the end of the first of the hairpin switchbacks (I think there was only room for one or two cars), but we said it was awkward because we had to back out of that pullout to get onto the road (and onto incoming traffic) when we had our fill of this vantage point. Needless to say, since this road was shared with big rig trucks and many motorists, we definitely had to be real careful so as to not cause an accident here.

For context, Granvin was 134km (over 2 hours drive) east of Bergen, 34km east of Voss, 32km (over 30 minutes) west of Eidfjord, and 342km (over 5 hours drive) west of Oslo.

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