Chidorigataki Waterfall (chidorigataki [千鳥ヶ滝])

Chidorigataki Waterfall (千鳥ヶ滝; Chidorigataki Falls) was kind of a road trip waterfall as it seemed to be ideally situated to take a break from a long drive.

Kumagoe Waterfall (kumagoe-no-taki [熊越の滝])

Kumagoe Waterfall (熊越の滝; Kumagoe Falls) was a hidden and obscure waterfall east of Shiretoko Pass near the Rausu Visitor Center offering a primitive hike.

Shigure Waterfall (shiguretaki [時雨滝])

Shigure Waterfall (時雨滝; Shigure Falls) was a conspicuous roadside geothermal-heated waterfall situated on the northern end Utoro on Shiretoko’s West Coast.

Seseki Waterfall (seseki-no-taki [セセキの滝])

Seseki Waterfall (セセキの滝; Seseki Falls) was a rather obscure but tall seaside waterfall spilling into a sleepy village on the eastern coast of Shiretoko.

Sakura Waterfall (sakura-no-taki [さくらの滝])

Sakura Waterfall (さくらの滝; Sakura Falls) was a small but very interesting 3.7m high waterfall on the Shari River, where we witnessed our first salmon run.

Yamabiko Waterfall (yamabiko-no-taki [山彦の滝])

Yamabiko Waterfall (山彦の滝; Yamabiko Falls) was a 28m tall waterfall letting you go behind it for an unusual “backwards” view. Sometimes it’s lit up at night.

Shirahige Waterfall (shirahige-no-taki [白ひげの滝])

Shirahige Waterfall (白ひげの滝; Shirahige Falls) was an attractive waterfall with sky blue color emerging as springs below some resorts of the Shirogane Onsen.

Ashiribetsu Waterfall (ashiribetsu-no-taki [あしりべつの滝])

Ashiribetsu Waterfall (あしりべつの滝; Ashiribetsu Falls) was a pair of waterfalls spilling opposite each other in the Takino Suzuran Hillside Park near Sapporo.

Choshi Otaki Waterfall (choshi-otaki [銚子大滝])

Choshi Otaki Waterfall (小坂七滝; Choshi Otaki Falls) was a 7m tall 20m wide gusher making it the largest waterfall on the main branch of the Oirase Stream.

Kosaka Nanataki Waterfall (kosaka-nanataki [小坂七滝])

Kosaka Nanataki Waterfall (小坂七滝; Kosaka Nanataki Falls) was a roadside waterfall tumbling some 60m over apparently 7 drops between Kosaka and Lake Towada.

Kamabuchi Waterfall (kamabuchi-no-taki [釜淵の滝])

Kamabuchi Waterfall (釜淵の滝; Kamabuchi Falls) was a short but sweet 8.5m waterfall named after the rounded surface that apparently looks like an inverted pot.

Hottai Waterfall (hottai-no-taki [法体の滝])

Hottai Waterfall (法体の滝; Hottai Falls) was a trapezoidal-shaped 57m waterfall that was unusual in that it faces the mountain whose slope it resides upon.

Shirogane Waterfall (shirogane-no-taki [白銀の滝])

Shirogane Waterfall (白銀の滝; Shirogane Falls) was an attractive 22m waterfall located upstream from Ginzan Onsen’s charming and nostalgic historic town center.

Mogami Shiraito Waterfall (mogami-shiraito-no-taki [最上川白糸の滝])

Mogami Shiraito Waterfall (最上川白糸の滝; “White Thread Falls”) was an impressively tall 120m waterfall spilling into the Mogami River (one of Japan’s longest).

Sotaki Waterfall (Sotaki [惣滝])

Sotaki Waterfall (惣滝; “So Falls”) was a towering 80m waterfall near the Tsubame Onsen, which also offers a back-to-nature rotemburo experience after a hike.

Tamasudare Waterfall (tamasudare-no-taki [玉簾の滝])

Tamasudare Waterfall (玉簾の滝) was an easy-to-access waterfall near Sakata with a 63m plunge making it the tallest such waterfall in the Yamagata Prefecture.

Shiraito Waterfall (Shiraito-no-taki [白糸の滝])

Shiraito Waterfall (白糸の滝; “White Thread Falls”) was a 70m wide spring with clear blue water dropping 3m over that stretch near the Karuizawa resort area.

Yonako Waterfall (Yonako-otaki [米子大瀑布])

Yonako Waterfall (米子大瀑布; Yonako Great Falls) was a pair of tall, plunging waterfalls (Fudo Falls and Gongen Falls) seen together at the edge of a caldera.

Ubagataki Waterfall (Ubagataki [姥ヶ滝])

Ubagataki Waterfall (姥ヶ滝; Ubagataki Falls) was a large and unusual, yellow waterfall with 2 foot baths situated underneath the Hakusan White Road Toll Road.

Ryusoga Waterfall (Ryusogataki [龍双ケ滝])

Ryusoga Waterfall (龍双ケ滝; Ryuso Falls) was a large and attractive 60m fan-type waterfall that spreads out into a tight gorge shared with a single-lane road.