Mogami Shiraito Waterfall (mogami-shiraito-no-taki [最上川白糸の滝])

Mogami Shiraito Waterfall (最上川白糸の滝; “White Thread Falls”) was an impressively tall 120m waterfall spilling into the Mogami River (one of Japan’s longest).

Shirogane Waterfall (shirogane-no-taki [白銀の滝])

Shirogane Waterfall (白銀の滝; Shirogane Falls) was an attractive 22m waterfall located upstream from Ginzan Onsen’s charming and nostalgic historic town center.

Tamasudare Waterfall (tamasudare-no-taki [玉簾の滝])

Tamasudare Waterfall (玉簾の滝) was an easy-to-access waterfall near Sakata with a 63m plunge making it the tallest such waterfall in the Yamagata Prefecture.

Sotaki Waterfall (Sotaki [惣滝])

Sotaki Waterfall (惣滝; “So Falls”) was a towering 80m waterfall near the Tsubame Onsen, which also offers a back-to-nature rotemburo experience after a hike.

Yonako Waterfall (Yonako-otaki [米子大瀑布])

Yonako Waterfall (米子大瀑布; Yonako Great Falls) was a pair of tall, plunging waterfalls (Fudo Falls and Gongen Falls) seen together at the edge of a caldera.

Shiraito Waterfall (Shiraito-no-taki [白糸の滝])

Shiraito Waterfall (白糸の滝; “White Thread Falls”) was a 70m wide spring with clear blue water dropping 3m over that stretch near the Karuizawa resort area.

Ubagataki Waterfall (Ubagataki [姥ヶ滝])

Ubagataki Waterfall (姥ヶ滝; Ubagataki Falls) was a large and unusual, yellow waterfall with 2 foot baths situated underneath the Hakusan White Road Toll Road.

Fukube Waterfall (Fukube-no-otaki [ふくべの大滝])

Fukube Waterfall (ふくべの大滝; Fukube Great Falls) was a towering 86m roadside waterfall right next to the Hakusan-Shirakawago White Road and close to Ubagataki.

Ryusoga Waterfall (Ryusogataki [龍双ケ滝])

Ryusoga Waterfall (龍双ケ滝; Ryuso Falls) was a large and attractive 60m fan-type waterfall that spreads out into a tight gorge shared with a single-lane road.

Yinhe Cave Waterfall (銀河洞瀑布 [Yínhé Dòng Pùbù])

Yinhe Cave Waterfall (银河洞瀑布; Yinhedong Pubu) is a popular yet unusual waterfall in that it sits next to a temple or shrine that was built into a cave.

Eongtto Falls (eongtto pokpo [엉또폭포])

Eongtto Falls (엉또폭포; Eongtto Pokpo) is a temporary waterfall that only flows in or immediately after heavy rain, which makes it a big deal when it does flow.

Cheonjiyeon Falls (cheonjiyeon pokpo [천지연폭포])

Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연폭포; Cheonjiyeon Pokpo) is a wide waterfall reachable by an easy flat walk in the western outskirts of Seogwipo City on Jeju Island.

Sojeongbang Falls (sojeongbang pokpo [소정방폭포])

Sojeongbang Falls (소정방폭포; Sojeongbang Pokpo) is a 5m waterfall near the famous Jeongbang Falls in Jeju Island so you can visit both on an extended walk.

Jeongbang Falls (jeongbang pokpo [정방폭포])

Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포; Jeongbang Pokpo) could very well be the signature waterfall attraction in Korea (let alone Jeju Island) as it’s all over the socials.

Wonang Falls (wonang pokpo [원앙폭포])

Wonang Falls (원앙폭포; Wonang Pokpo) is a wide 10m tall segmented waterfall, but its real draw was the colorful blue plunge pool doubling as a swimming hole.

Cheonjeyeon Falls (cheonjeyeon pokpo [천제연폭포])

Cheonjeyeon Falls (천제연폭포; Cheonjeyeon Pokpo) is a popular series of three waterfalls each with colorful blue ponds under the right lighting conditions.

Suok Falls (suok pokpo [수옥폭포])

Suok Falls (수옥폭포; Suok Pokpo) is an attractive, easy-to-access 20m tall waterfall that has apparently appeared in quite a few Korean dramas and movies.

Yongmun Falls (yongmun pokpo [용문폭포])

Yongmun Falls (용문폭포; Yongmun Pokpo) is a modestly-sized waterfall situated above the Gapsa Temple so both attractions can be visited in the same excursion.

Wibong Falls (wibong pokpo [위봉폭포])

Wibong Falls (위봉폭포; Wibong Pokpo) is an easy-to-see waterfall where an excursion can be as short as a roadside lookout or an easy stepped walk to its base.

Jikso Falls (jikso pokpo [직소폭포])

Jikso Falls (직소폭포; Jikso Pokpo) is a 20m waterfall with additional downstream tiers making it perhaps the largest waterfall in Byeonsanbando National Park.