Grizzly Bear Falls

Grizzly Bear Falls was one of the more confounding waterfalls I’ve pursued though the lure of seeing one in close proximity to Mt Rushmore was compelling.

Roughlock Falls

Roughlock Falls was a waterfall nearby Savoy and Spearfish Falls, but this was tucked in a scenic side canyon on Little Spearfish Creek and easily accessed.

Spearfish Falls

Spearfish Falls is perhaps the most attractive waterfall in Spearfish Canyon (or all the Black Hills) accessed by a short, easy trail of less than a mile.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls was a convenient 60ft roadside waterfall with a lookout platform right besides the Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway south of Spearfish.

Garden Creek Falls

Garden Creek Falls by Casper, Wyoming, felt like an off-the-beaten-path waterfall that was a throwback to the intimate waterfalling experiences of the past.

Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls was a series of surprise travertine waterfalls that seemed more like popular swimming holes near Hot Springs in the southwest of South Dakota.

Ouzel Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Copeland Falls

Ouzel Falls was the last of at least three waterfalls that I encountered on a nearly 6-mile hike in the Wild Basin section of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Chasm Falls

Chasm Falls offered many options to experience it. Depending on snow conditions, it could be as little as a roadside jaunt or as much as 7 miles round-trip.

Adams Falls

Adams Falls is a tumbling cascade near Grand Lake. It’s one of the few short waterfall hikes west of the Continental Divide in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Alberta Falls

Alberta Falls is a popular 30ft waterfall that kind of acted as an incidental attraction for longer hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park’s Glacier Gorge.

Boulder Falls

Boulder Falls was a 70ft waterfall accessed by a short walk within the steep Boulder Canyon about 9 miles west of the charming college town of Boulder.

Fish Creek Falls

Fish Creek Falls is a 284ft waterfall by the city of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It’s easily visited in a one-mile loop trail encompassing its top and base

Maroon Bells Waterfalls

The Maroon Bells Waterfalls were my waterfalling excuse to visit the iconic panoramas and 14,000ft peaks reflected in Maroon Lake near Aspen, Colorado.

The Cascades at the Grottos

The Cascades at the Grottos were our waterfalling excuse to have a short family outing while experiencing ‘Ice Caves’ and glacial boulders near Aspen.

South Fork Mineral Creek Falls

South Fork Mineral Creek Falls is a colorful 80-100ft two-tiered waterfall accessed by a short hike from a scenic campground in the San Juan National Forest

Mystic Falls

Mystic Falls was a waterfall that took me 2 attempts before experiencing it properly. Indeed, this Telluride beauty didn’t give up her secrets very easily.

“Red Mountain Cascade”

The ‘Red Mountain Cascade’ was an obscure waterfall tumbling besides the Million Dollar Highway at the Red Mountain Pass before the colorful mountain itself

Box Canyon Falls

Box Canyon Falls is an 85ft mostly-hidden waterfall at the head of the claustrophobic namesake Box Canyon easily experienced on a developed trail in Ouray.

Bear Creek Falls

Bear Creek Falls is a 70ft waterfall easily accessed from Telluride on a popular 5-mile trail gaining 1100ft flanked by craggy mountains and mining relics.

Upper Ames Falls

Upper Ames Falls was a waterfall that I had mistaken for Mystic Falls, but it could be the Ice Falls as it might be an ice-climbing obstacle in the Winter.