Jikso Falls (jikso pokpo [직소폭포])

Jikso Falls (직소폭포; Jikso Pokpo) is a 20m waterfall with additional downstream tiers making it perhaps the largest waterfall in Byeonsanbando National Park.

Surak Falls (surak pokpo [수락폭포])

Surak Falls (수락폭포; Surak Pokpo) is a 15m waterfall accessed by a short walk near Jirisan National Park that is said to be known to have healing properties.

Buril Falls (buril pokpo [불일폭포])

Buril Falls (불일폭포; Buril Pokpo) is a towering waterfall that was my excuse to extend a visit to the Ssanggyesa Temple while stumbling upon the Hwagae Market.

Paraeso Falls (paraeso pokpo [파래소폭포])

Paraeso Falls (파래소폭포; Paraeso Pokpo) is a pretty popular yet somewhat hidden waterfall dropping some 15-20m into a very inviting greenish clear pool.

Huibang Falls (huibang pokpo [희방폭포])

Huibang Falls (희방폭포; Huibang Pokpo) is a waterfall in a thick forest beneath Huibangsa Temple below Yeonhwabong Peak in Sobaeksan Mountain near Danyang.

Miin Falls (miin pokpo [미인폭포])

Miin Falls (미인폭포; Miin Pokpo) is a 30-50m waterfall over purplish cliffs near Yeoraesa Temple in Simpo Gorge, which is said to be Korea’s Grand Canyon.

Towangseong Falls, Biryong Falls, and Yukdam Falls (towangseong pokpo [토왕성폭포], biryong pokpo [비룡폭포], yukdam pokpo [육담폭포])

Towangseong Falls (토왕성폭포; Towangseong Pokpo) is the last of 3 major waterfalls (others being Yukdam Falls and Biryong Falls) on a popular hike in Seoraksan.

Guryong Falls (guryong pokpo [구룡폭포])

Guryong Falls (구룡폭포; Guryong Pokpo) is a multi-waterfall excursion along with other sights within Sogeumgang Valley in Odaesan National Park near Gangneung.

Gugok Falls (gugok pokpo [구곡폭포])

Gugok Falls (구곡폭포; Gugok Pokpo) is a 50m twisting waterfall reached by an easy well-developed walk in forested settings in the Gangchon area of Chuncheon.

Yongso Falls (yongso pokpo [용소폭포])

Yongso Falls (용소폭포; Yongso Pokpo) is a 6m gushing waterfall that’s more of a side attraction in a deep gorge in the south part of Seoraksan National Park.

Jaein Falls (jaein pokpo [재인폭포])

Jaein Falls (재인폭포; Jaein Pokpo) is a plunging basalt waterfall with different ways to experience it like a suspension bridge, an overhanging deck, and more.

Bidulginang Falls (bidulginang pokpo [비둘기낭폭포])

Bidulginang Falls (비둘기낭폭포; Bidulginang Pokpo) is unusual in that it flows besides as well as seeping through a basalt cave and into a colorful plunge pool.

Sambuyeon Falls (sambuyeon pokpo [삼부연폭포])

Sambuyeon Falls (삼부연폭포; Sambueyon Pokpo) is a 20m high three-tiered waterfall plunging from a steep granite notch on Mt Myeongseong’s slopes near Pocheon.

Jiktang Falls (jiktang pokpo [직탕폭포])

Jiktang Falls (직탕폭포; Jiktang Pokpo) is a wide river waterfall (which is quite rare in South Korea) on the Hantangang River near the North Korean border.

Kanmangafuchi Abyss Waterfalls

The Kanmangafuchi Abyss Waterfalls (憾満ヶ淵の滝) was my waterfaller’s excuse to experience the mysterious Bake Jizo (Narabi Jizo) statues facing the Daiya River.

Ryumon Waterfall (ryumon-no-taki [龍門の滝]

Ryumon Waterfall (龍門の滝; Ryumon Falls) was an attractive semi-urban waterfall spanning the Egawa River near the town of Nasukarasuyama in Tochigi Prefecture.

Jakko Waterfall (jakko-no-taki [寂光の滝])

Jakko Waterfall (寂光の滝; Jakko Falls) exceeded my expectations for a waterfall that was within the World Heritage town of Nikko yet doesn’t seem to be popular

Nikko Shiraito Waterfall (nikko-shiraito-no-taki [日光・白糸の滝])

The Nikko Shiraito Waterfall (日光・白糸の滝; Nikko Shiraito Falls) was basically a waterfalling excuse to explore the area upslope of the famous Toshogu Shrine.

Nikko Kotaki Waterfall (nikko-ko-taki [日光・小滝])

Kotaki Waterfall (小滝; Kotaki Falls) is a short but wide waterfall further downstream from the impressive Yudaki Waterfall, both of which share the same walk

Hida Choshi Waterfall (hida-choshi-no-taki [飛騨・銚子の滝])

Choshi Waterfall (飛騨・銚子の滝; Hida Choshi-no-taki) is a 25m waterfall near the Hida Great Limestone Cave whose shape apparently resembles that of a sake bottle.