Gugok Falls (gugok pokpo [구곡폭포])

Gugok Falls (구곡폭포; Gugok Pokpo) is a 50m twisting waterfall reached by an easy well-developed walk in forested settings in the Gangchon area of Chuncheon.

Guryong Falls (guryong pokpo [구룡폭포])

Guryong Falls (구룡폭포; Guryong Pokpo) is a multi-waterfall excursion along with other sights within Sogeumgang Valley in Odaesan National Park near Gangneung.

Jaein Falls (jaein pokpo [재인폭포])

Jaein Falls (재인폭포; Jaein Pokpo) is a plunging basalt waterfall with different ways to experience it like a suspension bridge, an overhanging deck, and more.

Bidulginang Falls (bidulginang pokpo [비둘기낭폭포])

Bidulginang Falls (비둘기낭폭포; Bidulginang Pokpo) is unusual in that it flows besides as well as seeping through a basalt cave and into a colorful plunge pool.

Jiktang Falls (jiktang pokpo [직탕폭포])

Jiktang Falls (직탕폭포; Jiktang Pokpo) is a wide river waterfall (which is quite rare in South Korea) on the Hantangang River near the North Korean border.

Sambuyeon Falls (sambuyeon pokpo [삼부연폭포])

Sambuyeon Falls (삼부연폭포; Sambueyon Pokpo) is a 20m high three-tiered waterfall plunging from a steep granite notch on Mt Myeongseong’s slopes near Pocheon.

Kanmangafuchi Abyss Waterfalls

The Kanmangafuchi Abyss Waterfalls (憾満ヶ淵の滝) was my waterfaller’s excuse to experience the mysterious Bake Jizo (Narabi Jizo) statues facing the Daiya River.

Ryumon Waterfall (ryumon-no-taki [龍門の滝]

Ryumon Waterfall (龍門の滝; Ryumon Falls) was an attractive semi-urban waterfall spanning the Egawa River near the town of Nasukarasuyama in Tochigi Prefecture.

Nikko Shiraito Waterfall (nikko-shiraito-no-taki [日光・白糸の滝])

The Nikko Shiraito Waterfall (日光・白糸の滝; Nikko Shiraito Falls) was basically a waterfalling excuse to explore the area upslope of the famous Toshogu Shrine.

Jakko Waterfall (jakko-no-taki [寂光の滝])

Jakko Waterfall (寂光の滝; Jakko Falls) exceeded my expectations for a waterfall that was within the World Heritage town of Nikko yet doesn’t seem to be popular

Nikko Kotaki Waterfall (nikko-ko-taki [日光・小滝])

Kotaki Waterfall (小滝; Kotaki Falls) is a short but wide waterfall further downstream from the impressive Yudaki Waterfall, both of which share the same walk

Hida Choshi Waterfall (hida-choshi-no-taki [飛騨・銚子の滝])

Choshi Waterfall (飛騨・銚子の滝; Hida Choshi-no-taki) is a 25m waterfall near the Hida Great Limestone Cave whose shape apparently resembles that of a sake bottle.

Sasa Waterfall (sasa-no-taki [笹の滝])

Sasa Waterfall (笹の滝) plunges 32m on a tributary of the Taki River that is among Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls according to the Ministry of the Environment.

Kuwanoki Waterfall (kuwanoki-no-taki [桑ノ木の滝])

Kuwanoki Waterfall (桑ノ木の滝; Kuwanoki-no-taki or Kuwanoki Falls) is a serene waterfall near Shingu in the Wakayama-ken said to be named after mulberry trees.

Fudonanae Waterfall (fudonanae-no-taki [不動七重の滝])

Fudonanae Waterfall (不動七重の滝; Fudonanae-no-taki or Fudo 7 Falls) is a remote series of waterfalls in the Yoshino-Kumano National Park in the Nara Prefecture.

Abe Waterfall (abe-no-otaki [安倍の大滝])

Abe Waterfall (安倍の大滝; Abe-no-otaki or Abe Great Falls) is a giant 80m single-plunge waterfall accessed via 3 suspension bridges and cascades along the way.

Los Penasquitos Falls

Los Penasquitos Falls is a small, cascading waterfall known for its neighboring boulder formations in a wide open valley surrounded by suburban developments

Upper Zuma Falls

Upper Zuma Falls could very well sit on our Top 10 Southern California Waterfalls list if not for its unreliable flow meaning you’ll need to time your visit

Whitney Canyon Falls

Whitney Canyon Falls can be fun and scary since it requires a rough scramble to climb up its cascading tiers. It starts with an on-trail hike near Newhall.

San Carlos Falls

San Carlos Falls was a pleasant 40ft plunging waterfall that offered swimming as well as another chance at dipping in a separate falls on the Lonfit River…