Tahiti Iti Waterfalls

Tahiti Iti, Tahiti Island, French Polynesia

About Tahiti Iti Waterfalls

Hiking Distance: roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2012-12-16
Date last visited: 2012-12-16

Waterfall Latitude: -17.75473
Waterfall Longitude: -149.18094

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The Tahiti Iti Waterfalls page was my attempt at trying to capture and exhibit the numerous waterfalls we managed to encounter while visiting the smaller “dumbbell” of Tahiti Island (the part known as Tahiti Iti or Little Tahiti).

We happened to show up on a day when the rains came real hard so it’s quite possible that what we’re showing would be more than the usual quantity of waterfalls (whatever that means).

Tautira_Pueu_043_20121216 - Looking towards a gushing and attractive unnamed waterfall between the towns of Tautira and Pueu on Tahiti Iti
Looking towards a gushing and attractive unnamed waterfall between the towns of Tautira and Pueu on Tahiti Iti

In any case, I understand that the rainiest side of Tahiti Island would be indeed the northeast coast of Tahiti Iti.

And it just so happened that just about all the photographs shown on this page were taken from that coast.

In particular, there were a line of waterfalls between the villages of Pueu and Tautira that seemed to be heavy in this concentration of waterfalls.

To my knowledge, none of these have formal names.

Tautira_Pueu_007_20121216 - Looking back at the context of multiple waterfalls spilling over cliffs on Tahiti Iti
Looking back at the context of multiple waterfalls spilling over cliffs on Tahiti Iti

And we were able to get a very nice perspective from a beach near Tautira looking back towards the village of Pueu.

We were even able to get a very dramatic view of the mountains over the remote Vaitepiha River Valley from this very beach.

The village of Tautira is at the very end of the road leading along the northern coast of Tahiti Iti from Taravao.


The Tahiti Iti Waterfalls are on Tahiti Island in Tahiti (or more formally French Polynesia). For information or inquiries about this area as well as current conditions, visit the Tahiti Tourism website or their Facebook page.

Tautira_Pueu_002_20121216 - One of several waterfalls as seen from the beach near Tautira
Tautira_Pueu_005_20121216 - Another waterfall as seen from the beach near Tautira
Tautira_Pueu_006_20121216 - One of several waterfalls as seen from the beach near Tautira
Tautira_Pueu_008_20121216 - The mountains rising sharply behind the Vaitepiha River Valley at the very end of Tahiti Iti's north side
Tautira_Pueu_014_20121216 - The beach near Tautira looking towards Vaitepiha River Valley revealing more of its context
Tautira_Pueu_020_20121216 - Another look back at one of the waterfalls behind Pueu as seen from the beach
Tautira_Pueu_025_20121216 - Some other waterfall near the mouth of the Vaitepiha River Valley
Tautira_Pueu_029_20121216 - The waterfall at the mouth of Vaitepiha River Valley started to get lost in the downpour
Tautira_Pueu_032_20121216 - Some waterfall falling behind someone's home near Pueu
Tautira_Pueu_033_20121216 - Another pair of waterfalls behind some residences near Pueu
Tautira_Pueu_036_20121216 - An attractive two-tiered waterfall over someone's fence near Pueu
Tautira_Pueu_038_20121216 - Driving the main Taravao-Tautira road with a waterfall in the distance
Tautira_Pueu_039_20121216 - Another look at the tall two-tiered falls behind Pueu
Tautira_Pueu_043_20121216 - Perhaps the most impressive waterfall of the lot that we saw behind the village of Pueu
Taravao_Plateau_001_20121216 - The viewpoint on the Plateau of Taravao. Too bad the weather obscured what otherwise would've been a regal view of both Tahiti Iti and Tahiti Nui
Teahupoo_002_20121216 - Locals catching smaller waves closer to the black-sand beach at Teahupoo, where we checked out this side of Tahiti Iti after our wet self tour of the north side of this part of Tahiti Island
Teahupoo_007_20121216 - Looking inland at the mountains backing Teahupoo

As mentioned earlier, the waterfalls found on this page are largely concentrated between the villages of Pueu and Tautira.

To drive there, we had to drive roughly 60km from Papeete to the town of Taravao.

Then, we had to take the road opposite the Banque de Polynesie, which led 18km further along the northern coast of Tahiti Iti (passing by a turnoff for the Plateau de Taravao or Vaiufaufa Viewpoint), which terminated at the town of Tautira.

I believe it’s a solid 90-minute to 2-hour drive one-way.

By the way, the drive from Tautira back to Punaauia (where we were staying) was about 67km (at least 90 minutes drive).

On an non-waterfall-related note, the southern side of Tahiti Iti is more famous for the beach at Teahupoo (Plage de Teahupoo), which I believe is pronounced “CHOH-poo” (don’t ask me how the spelling even remotely comes close to the way it’s pronounced).

A lot of my coworkers and friends who surf definitely know about that place as it supposedly has some of the wickedest surf breaks in the world though I think you have to boat beyond the reef to access those waves.

Teahupoo is at the end of the road along the southern coast of Tahiti Iti from Taravao.

In order to get there from Tautira, you’d have to drive back to Taravao, then take the other connecting road.

There’s no direct way to take a vehicle across Tahiti Iti or even along rugged cliffs of Te Pari Coast to go between Tautira and Teahupoo unless you’re willing to do some rugged two-day hiking.

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Right to left sweep starting from a clouded-over Tahiti Nui then panning over to three of the waterfalls behind the village of Pueu then ending at some pretty mountains of Vaitepiha Valley

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