Crecelius Cascade

Yellowstone National Park / East Entrance, Wyoming, USA

About Crecelius Cascade

Hiking Distance: roadside
Suggested Time:

Date first visited: 2017-08-10
Date last visited: 2017-08-10

Waterfall Latitude: 44.46832
Waterfall Longitude: -110.13909

Crecelius Cascade was a roadside waterfall on the eastern side of Yellowstone National Park, which was an area less known for waterfalls.

It consisted of a smaller pair of cascades dropping in succession with a cumulative height of 75ft.

Crecelius_Cascade_016_08102017 - Crecelius Cascade
Crecelius Cascade

For such an easy-to-access attraction, it was also quite an unheralded one (part of the reason why we managed to miss it on our first visit to Yellowstone back in June 2004).

Perhaps its obscurity was because the falls was unsigned and didn’t seem all that busy compared to the other entrance roads throughout Yellowstone National Park.

The waterfall was named by road engineer Hiram Chittenden after S.F. Crecelius who was his foreman in charge of the road passing before the falls.

By the way, the name Chittenden may be familiar because the bridge over the Yellowstone River (between Canyon Village and Artist Point just south of Canyon Junction) happened to bear his name.

Anyways, this waterfall may have had other names like “Eleanor Cascade”, “Leonora Falls”, and “Snow Fall” according to the book The Guide to Yellowstone Waterfalls and Their Discovery.

Experiencing Crecelius Cascade

Crecelius_Cascade_014_08102017 - Looking across Eleanor Lake from near the foot of the Crecelius Cascade
Looking across Eleanor Lake from near the foot of the Crecelius Cascade

I was able to spot the Crecelius Cascade after walking to the eastern end of Eleanor Lake.

As you’ll see from the directions below, I didn’t even have to make this walk.

Anyways, there was a short trail-of-use leading right up to the Crecelius Cascade once I spotted the falls.

From closer to the road, I was able to clearly see both of the drops of the falls.

However, when I got up close, the upper drop was hidden behind the wall supporting the lower drop.

Crecelius_Cascade_019_08102017 - Looking right at the lower drop of Crecelius Cascade from right at its base
Looking right at the lower drop of Crecelius Cascade from right at its base

Crecelius Cascade was said to be seasonal though it seemed to have fairly decent flow during our August 2017 visit.

That could be attributed to the high snowpack that resulted from heavy precipitation over the Winter and Spring months that year.


Crecelius Cascade resides in Yellowstone National Park near Cody in Park County, Wyoming. It is administered by the National Park Service. For information or inquiries about the park as well as current conditions, visit the National Park Service website.

Crecelius_Cascade_003_08102017 - Looking to the east over Eleanor Lake as I actually had to walk along the road to the east end of this lake before getting right up to the base of Crecelius Cascade
Crecelius_Cascade_005_08102017 - Looking further to the east from our turnaround point at Sylvan Pass
Crecelius_Cascade_011_08102017 - When we finally figured out where Crecelius Cascade was, I happened to get this view towards the setting sun over Eleanor Lake
Crecelius_Cascade_022_08102017 - Looking right at the lower drop of the Crecelius Cascade from close up to its base
Crecelius_Cascade_027_08102017 - Another look at the Crecelius Cascade with its rocky base as seen during our sunset time visit in August 2017
Crecelius_Cascade_038_08102017 - Last look back at the context of the thin-flowing Crecelius Cascade before I returned to the car
Crecelius_Cascade_043_08102017 - Caught this fleeting sunset moment when I was walking back to the west side of Eleanor Lake, where we were parked after having my fill of the Crecelius Cascade in August 2017
Fishing_Bridge_Rd_007_iPhone_08102017 - As we were driving west towards Fishing Bridge, we spotted these deer grazing by the road
Fishing_Bridge_Rd_002_iPhone_08102017 - Contextual look at the deer that we spotted by the road while driving west from the Crecelius Cascade on our way to Flagg Ranch


The Crecelius Cascade was on the road between Fishing Bridge and the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.

The pullout nearest to the waterfall was on the east end of Eleanor Lake about 7.7 miles west of the East Entrance and 18.3 miles east of Fishing Bridge Junction.

Crecelius_Cascade_001_08102017 - Looking in the direction of Sylvan Pass after having overshot the Crecelius Cascade and had to backtrack
Looking in the direction of Sylvan Pass after having overshot the Crecelius Cascade and had to backtrack

If you happened to go as far east as Sylvan Pass like we did, then you missed it.

In case you’re uncertain about which unsigned pullout would be the correct one, there was also a signposted parking area on the west end of Eleanor Lake.

This was where we happened to park, which meant I had to walk along the road to the other side of the lake.

The Fishing Bridge Junction was also about 15.5 miles (30 minutes drive) south of the Canyon Junction, about 21 miles (30 minutes drive) northeast of the Fishing Bridge Junction, about 78 miles (over 90 minutes drive) west of Cody, 99 miles (over 2 hours drive) north of Jackson, and 55 miles east of West Yellowstone, Montana.

Crecelius_Cascade_005_08102017 - Context of the the East Entrance Road and the nearest pullout by the Crecelius Cascade
Context of the the East Entrance Road and the nearest pullout by the Crecelius Cascade

For geographical context, West Yellowstone was 58 miles (at least 90 minutes drive) south of Gardiner, Montana, 90 miles (over 90 minutes drive) south of Bozeman, Montana, and 321 miles (about 4.5 hours drive) north of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Sweep checking out the falls from a distance before walking right up to its base and looking back towards the East Entrance Road

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