Why Isn't Niagara Falls #1?

by Anonymous

I think it's ridiculous to not put Niagara falls on top. It is the most voluminous of any of the real falls (not just rapids or uncontinuous falls). Plus it is the only falls on your list that is in the middle of civilization. This is the real reason you don't put it at number 1, you think the all nature, less famous and more remote falls have to be the best. But the fact is, Niagara is the greatest, by far.

This is an addendum to my just made comment.

Furthermore, Victoria Falls isn't even ranked a number 10 falls as Niagara is, it's a 9. And the Iguazu Falls were artificially inflated in volume by a dam built in 1984.

It just goes to show that people will not accept the familiar as the best when something far away is beckoning in competition.

Just looking at the photos provided, Niagara Falls is the the most perfect and consistent in shape. It has a civilized quality, in that you can boat at the bottom of it, which you can't do at the base of these other falls. Also the Niagara river is carrying the Great Lakes on its back, a more important watershed than in these other countries. It's an immensely important part of Canadian and American history and a great, iconic tourist attraction.

There is no more important, civilized, or powerful falls in the world.

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