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2008-10-16 18:46 - Last Blog Entry With This Tool

I've switched over to another blog tool that is far more fully featured than what I've been using for the past couple of years. To jump to the new World of Waterfalls Blog, click here. I'm sure once you see the new blog, you can probably recognize the new tool I'm using :)

So this is going to be the last entry with the current tool, but we'll keep the blog entries around in case you'd like to see all prior blog entries. Think of it like an archive, but there will be newer archives on the new blog tool from here on out.

[read more]

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2008-10-14 16:34 - The Devaluing of the Icelandic Krona

Well the financial mess that is currently going on has definitely gone global and it has essentially bankrupted the country of Iceland.

Back when Julie and I were visiting Iceland in the summer of 2007, it was one of our most expensive trips to date! Indeed, the Icelandic Kroner was valued at nearly 60 kroner to 1 US dollar. That ultimately translated to $25 pizzas, $25 hamburgers, $200/night for a double in three or two-star accommodations (It was over $360/night for what seemed like a dorm room in Reykjavik!), $40-$60 main course dishes (i.e. fish or lamb, respectively), $120 pocket Icelandic-to-English dictionary, etc. etc. We thought the $3 hot dogs were reasonably priced, and in fact, we pretty much dined on a mostly artery-clogging diet of hot dogs, burgers, and pizzas just so we don't go broke during the trip.

We wondered how the locals live under such pricey conditions, and after several inquiries, we learned that most of them worked two or three jobs. Plus, most of the citizens were living on credit. So you can imagine how devastated both the banks and the locals were once the credit bubble burst. I feel real bad for the Icelandic people, but I know they're pretty hardy survivors and they'll get through this.

The last we checked, the Icelandic Kroner is now trading at over 100 Ikr to 1 USD. I guess this will mean pretty affordable prices for travelers to the country these days.

If you're curious to see what visiting Iceland is like... [read more]

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2008-10-11 12:00 - Waterfalls in the Movies

Ever since the Lord of the Rings trilogy influenced our decision to honeymoon in New Zealand, I started to think about the other movies that featured waterfalls in them. So which movies featured such waterfalls? Read on to find out! [read more]

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