Yosemite and Snow Creek Falls

by anne ripley

Two weeks ago I fulfilled a 60 year dream and made it to the top of Half Dome. Awed by the accomplishment as much as by the view, I stared, speechless, at the still snowcapped peaks. Then I saw Snow Creek Falls ! I couldn't believe that I'd never seen a picture of this beautiful falls. In fact, until today, I didn't know its name. I had hiked to Mirror Lake the day before and had no clue of the Snow Creek Falls at all. Yosemite Falls put on a peak performance. Although it was late June, the snow in the high country was still melting and the water levels were high. It was breathtaking.

Thank you for your site. I have now discovered that I am a budding "waterfaller". I have put several of your list of the world's top waterfalls on my 'bucket list'. My first choice is Plitvice. Your photos were an inspiration. Thank you again.

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