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Honokohau Falls

Honokohau Falls is the tallest waterfall on Maui at 1100ft in an inaccessible valley in the island’s west side accessible to the public only by helicopter.

Other Molokai Waterfalls

There are numerous other Molokai Waterfalls residing on the steep sea cliffs on the north shore of the island. Most of them have very temporary or seasonal flows…

Heleleikeoha Falls

The Blue Pool (also known by its Hawaiian name as Heleleikeoha Falls) could very well be the most scenically located waterfall in the world. It faces the ocean as it’s sheltered by rocks protecting..

Pools of Oheo

The Pools of Oheo are a series of waterfalls and swimming holes in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park informally called the Seven Sacred Pools.

Waimoku Falls

Waimoku Falls is a 400ft waterfall at the end of the 4-mile round-trip Pipiwai Trail in the Kipahulu District of Haleakala National Park in East Maui.

Makahiku Falls

Makahiku Falls is a 184ft waterfall along the Pipiwai Trail in Oheo Gulch in East Maui. In calm conditions, its top can act as a scenic swimming hole.

Other Oheo Gulch Waterfalls

Oheo Gulch has several smaller and lesser known waterfalls found along the Pipiwai Trail. This page showcases the rest of these intermediate waterfalls.

Alelele Falls

Alelele Falls is a 50ft waterfall best seen after rain that is probably the last of the East Maui Waterfalls driving clockwise around the base of Haleakala.

Lower Makamakaole Falls

Lower Makamakaole Falls is a rare waterfall in West Maui with a 60ft drop that can be seen from a roadside pullout on Kahekili Highway north of Wailuku.

Makamakaole Falls

Makamakaole Falls is a multi-tiered 270ft waterfall in West Maui seen while hiking the Waihee Ridge Trail. It appeared throughout the early part of the hike.

Mana-nole Falls

Mananole Falls is a light-flowing tall waterfall deep in the Waihee Valley of West Maui visible from the both the Waihee Ridge and Valley Trails, and by air.

Aliele Falls

The Aliele Falls is a 12ft man-modified waterfall found at the end of the 4-mile round-trip Waihee Valley Trail (also called Swinging Bridges) in West Maui.

“Double Dose of Hana” (Road to Hana – September 1, 2003 and September 3, 2003)

Hana Highway was the main reason why we chose to visit Maui. So we made sure we tried to see as many of its waterfalls as possible during this week – and it required two takes…

“Third Time’s A Charm for a Haleakala Sunrise” (Maui – September 1, 2003, September 4, 2003, and September 5, 2003)

Julie and I had grown tired of getting up at 3am. Julie was especially miffed as she had been under the weather since the first attempt to see the Haleakala sunrise. Now it was the day we were…

Lower Puohokamoa Falls

Many people drive past Lower Puohokamoa Falls not knowing they’ve just missed a 200ft waterfall since it lacks signs and other identifying infrastructure.

Upper Puohokamoa Falls

Upper Puohokamoa Falls is a 30ft waterfall dropping into a large and accessible plunge pool, but slip-and-fall lawsuits have prohibited direct access.

Lower Waikani Falls

Waikani Falls sits further downstream from the more famous “Three Bears.” It’s best viewed from the quiet community of Wailua and flows best during rain.

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls is one of the more famous waterfalls on the Hana Highway and is affectionately called the “Three Bears Falls” for its size progression.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a satisfyingly 95ft tall and photo-friendly roadside waterfall easily seen on the Hana Highway in East Maui between Hana and Oheo Gulch.

Other Hana Highway Waterfalls

The Hana Highway Waterfalls are way too many to single out individually. So this page basically captures the known waterfalls we’ve seen on the Road to Hana